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Fastener Solutions

Johnson American has been sourcing standard and unique fasteners for more than 80 years.  During this time, we’ve developed longstanding relationships with some of the most respected fastener manufacturers in the world.  This allows us to find and deliver the ideal solution for any application with personalized expertise and service at the industry’s most competitive pricing.  

We offer the following fasteners by carton, keg or carload:

  • Bolts: Anchor – Carriage – Elevator – Eye – Flange – Hanger – Lag – Machine – Place – Self Cinching Stud – Sex – Step – Stripper – Structural – Stud – Tap Toggle – U Bolt
  • Pins: Clevis – Cotter – Dowel – Escutcheon – Spirol – Spring
  • Screws: AN/MS – Binding Post – Broaching Type – Cap – Captive Panel – Sems – Set (square & socket head) – Self Tapping (A, B, AB) – Teks – Thread Cutting – Thread Forming – Thumb – Type U Drive – Weld – Wing – Wood
  • Rivets: Blind – Semi-Tubular – Solid
  • Inserts: Re-coil – E-Z LOK™ – wood and plastic applications
  • Nuts: Acorn – Coupling – Flush – Hex – Kep – Metal Lock – Nylon Insert – Self Cinching – Standoffs – Weld – Wing
  • Washers: Finishing – Flat – Helical – Insulating – Shims – Spacers – Tooth Lock

We can locate and provide fasteners in a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Materials: Steel-Grade (2, 5, 8, ASTM A194-2H, A325, A490, A193-B7, A193-B16-II), Stainless (18-8, 304, 316, B8, B8M, B, B8M-II), Brass, Naval Brass, Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Copper, Exotic: Monel – Inconel – Hastelloy – Stellite – Titanium – Nylon & Aluminum, Zinc and Die Cast

Top Fastener Manufacturers

At Johnson American, we know well that our reputation is tied to the quality of the relationships and people we rely on every day.  We’ve worked so hard to seek out quality companies, establish clear communication and expectations, and maintain the mutual respect that is required for successful long-term business relationships.  Ultimately, our success (and the success of our clients) is tied intimately to the standards and character of each of our vendors.  That’s why we’re confident and proud to work with the following key suppliers:

Top Fastener Manufacturers

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